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Drum Lessons

It's my goal to help you to become a better drummer.

Here's how you can take advantage of the resources I have on offer...

Free Content

Introductory drum courses, song transcriptions and video lessons.


The next best thing to actually having private lessons.

Online students get full access to videos and PDFs.

This is the same content that I give to my private students each week.


Purchase individual lessons or complete series on the topics that most interest you.

Private Lessons

I teach privately on the NSW Central Coast, Australia.

You can choose from 30 or 60 minute lessons each week.

Set some goals

It's important to set some goals to get yourself headed in the right direction.

Here are a few common goals and some suggested starting points...


Goal: I want to have a solid foundation

Recommendation: Drum Kit Studies

  • Work through a set syllabus - the best option to improve in all areas of drumming

  • Suited to beginners and students who want to make sure they don’t have any gaps in their playing


Goal: I want to expand my horizons


  • Different lesson each week on a wide variety of topics

  • Suited to drummers who have been playing for a while and need some new inspiration



GOAL: I want to improve a particular skill


  • Focus on a certain aspect of drumming and set a goal to improve (e.g. technique, reading, rudiments, speed, double bass, jazz, grooves, fills etc.)

  • Suited to intermediate/advanced students who have a clear idea of what they want to improve

  • I will choose a book for you to purchase, based on your topic of choice



GOAL: I just want to learn Songs

Recommendation: Transcriptions

  • Mainly work on songs and learn the skills required for each song as you progress

  • Suited to younger students and anyone who wants to start playing music now


What Is Your Learning Style?

Everyone processes and learns information in different ways.

There are three main cognitive learning styles:

- Visual (see it)

- Auditory (hear it)

- Kinesthetic (do it)

We’ll discover the learning style that suits you best and work to your strengths.

Let’s get to work!


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