Chris McCaig

Drummer & Educator


Since 1996, we have led the way in modern drum education. Through our books and online resources we have helped thousands of drummers to improve.


Our Mission

We want to make learning music fun and accessible to everyone.

Chris has helped me accomplish my drumming goals. I’m inspired to practice after every lesson.
— Dan, Student

What We've Achieved

  • Over 20 years of private drum lessons.
  • Clinics and workshops with some of the world's top drummers, including Dave Weckl and Virgil Donati.
  • Our own drum syllabus, consisting of books for Basic, Intermediate and Advanced drummers.
  • Extensive song transcription resource.
  • Many students who have gone on to become professional musicians and teachers. 
  • Video lesson library.
  • Online drum courses.
  • Specialised School programs.